Thomas Sosnowski

Thomas Sosnowski was born in Toronto into a Polish household. His family moved to Vancouver at a young age “I had always just wanted to be an artist. I didn’t matter what type of art I was doing”.

Thomas graduated top of his class from New Image College’s Fashion and Film Design makeup program. While in school Thomas showed an unparalleled work ethic and desire to learn; representing his school at the London IMATS “I had worked a bit previously in a shop but I thought school would be the best way to understand the business as a whole”.

It would be a career choice that would begin Thomas on a route toward one of Vancouver’s most prestigious effects shops – Mastersfx. Mastersfx is a cutting-edge Vancouver and L.A based effects shop with over 30 years of experience in the business. The shop’s long list of credits includes blockbusters such as Elysium, Robocop, Underworld: Awakening and Twilight: New Moon, to only name a small few. Their television credits are equally impressive, with a resume that boasts the likes of True Blood, Falling Skies, Almost Human and Mad Men.

“The way I stumbled upon the school was quite funny actually. I saw some guy smoking outside and asked him what he was doing cause he was covered in makeup. He told me New Image was upstairs and I should check it out. I did, and the rest is kind of history”. Thomas began working for Masterfx soon after graduation “I started off by driving the work van around. Buying and dropping off products. It put the whole business in perspective for me; how much everything cost” – Thomas said with a laugh.

With consistent hard work and a happy attitude to go along with it, Thomas worked his way up the ranks. He began working on shows like iZombie and Falling Skies “We’re all such a team. There is never one piece that someone does alone. It takes a whole crew to complete a character”.

Thomas revealed that he was recently offered a full-time position as an artist with the world-renown effects shop “It feels great. I joined this business for my love of art. Now finally, that’s what I get to do when I come to work every day”.

Thomas offered this one piece of advice to New Image graduates and aspiring artists that wish to follow the same route “Make your own stuff. Don’t stop making things after your teachers leave and you no longer have someone over your shoulder telling you that your work is great. Continue making things in your kitchen, garage or wherever. If you keep showing people new things and new skills that you’ve learned, eventually someone will give you your shot”.

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