It’s Movie Night

It’s Movie Night and we’d love to invite you over to NIC for a full run of three amazing short films produced by New Image Entertainment, performed with talent from NIC’s Film Acting Conservatory and made to look spectacular with the help of our amazing Makeup students! There’ll be food and drinks, all that’s missing is you and anyone you’d like to bring with! Don’t miss this chance to come and see what we’ve got in store for you!


  • Blood Bleeds Blood: A spooky thriller starring our First-Year Acting Students. They worked closely with our Makeup Department on this dark film.
  • Alvin: This intense vampire film showcases the amazing work of our Makeup students. It also stars our acting alumni. 
  • Swansong: A Second-Year Grad Project with our acting students regarding a hitman who no longer wants to be part of the crime world.

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