NIC Play presents “The Lark” by Jean Anouilh

Director: Peter Hanlon
Date: October 30 to November 2, 2019
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Location: NIC Theatre, 2nd Floor @ 987 Granville St


Our Film Acting Conservatory students are excited to showcase their latest and best work by inviting you to watch them in The Lark, by Jean Anouilh! It is the story of a simple 15th century peasant girl who is compelled by the celestial voices of heaven, to lead the army of France into battle against English oppressors.


This fast paced and compelling drama tells the story of her ascension, her betrayal and her subsequent execution. The action of this story catapults us past the constraints of time and sequence, allowing us to jump backwards and forwards through time seamlessly and without interruption; right through to its original and uplifting final act!


If you’d like to join us for this performance, please RSVP to!

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