We Hosted The Cast of FREAKS

Local indie film FREAKS has become a sensation! Now is your chance to see it! New Image College was home to the cast and crew when this science fiction thriller was being prepared during the summer of 2017. FREAKS went on to become the biggest Canadian sale at TIFF in 2018, and is now coming out in theatres on Friday the 13th with a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes!

The opening weekend makes or breaks small indie films, and so New Image is organising a group of students and alumni to attend a special advanced screening of Freaks @ the Rio on the 11th, followed by an after-party with the cast and crew!

This screening counts towards the “opening gross” so it’s important as many of us attend as possible to help prove and promote what Canadian film can achieve! Buy tickets to the event by clicking here! Feel free to follow @freaksthefilm on Instagram and Twitter.

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