Yuki’s in Horror Movies

New Image College Film Acting Conservatory graduate, Yuki Morita had a memorable role in Ridley Scott- produced The Terror: Infamy. The opening scene where Yuki is in was premiered in Comic-Con in San Diego this August and since it aired on TV, her scene received great responses. 

“This is the first and perhaps the most viscerally frightening scene of the Terror: Infamy, the second installment if AMC’s historical Horror-anthology series.” – The Atlantic

“its best horror moment in the early going is also its first scene”

Daily Beast

The Still Shot of Masayo, played by Yuki, was featured in top critic’s reviews including Variety, The Boston Globe and others. Yuki also got a role in a feature film, Two/One which was screened in Tribecca Film Festival this year. She acted opposite Boyd Holbrook (Narcos, Predator and Logan). Yuki says “I am very fortunate to have experienced great roles in great TV shows and Movies.  I will work harder to be a better actor.”

Congratulations on all of your incredible achievements so far Yuki!

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