Welcoming New NIC Teachers: Travis Turner

Today we are welcoming our new instructor: Travis Turner! Travis Turner is a talented voice artist with a long history of success in the film, television, and music industries. Travis’s earlier voice work included roles in Dinosaur Train, Mack & Moxy, and Mighty Mighty Monsters, for which he was nominated for a Leo Award for best voice actor in an animated series for his portrayal as The King. Perhaps best recognized so far for his role on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Travis played Tender Taps in season six of the hit Hasbro series. Travis had the pleasure of working with Disney as the lead character of Spence Avery in Ghost Patrol.

In addition to the projects above, Travis recurs in multiple episodes of Netflix’s Spy Kids: Mission Control, based on the movie franchise. He is also featured prominently as main character Trip Hamston (a hamster rap star!) in Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop, currently airing on Discovery Family. He will also be lending his voice to the newly animated show on Netflix based on the children’s book Hello Ninja. His on-screen credits include all three seasons of Some Assembly Required, turns in Supernatural, Nickelodeons’ Fairly Odd Parents live action movie, and working alongside Sir Roger Moore (of James Bond fame) on the the TV movie A Princess for Christmas. Look for Travis in the upcoming Mike Judge produced film Some Of Our Stallions. Turner just finished wrapping production on Aliens Stole My Body starring William Shatner the sequel to Aliens Ate My Homework.

Travis has spent years honing his musical craft and has performed with acts including Macklemore and Lil’ Kim. He just dropped his new album “T” featuring Snoop Dogg with support from Creative BC. 

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