“Cafe Racer”: NIC Alumni Co-Write and Produce Award-Winning Short

NIC alumni don’t just act. Throughout their program, they are taught about all aspects of acting, leading to being in control of their own destiny, which includes creating their own work alongside acting. They are creative souls in every way.

Cafe Racer is a half-English, half-Japanese action film co-written and produced by NIC alumni Dakota Daulby and his creative partner Harrison Houde. The film was completed through their production company Vesperia Films early last year. In addition to appearing in the film, NIC alumni Jan Sikora also acted as an assistant producer on the project.

This award-winning short has already completed an impressive festival circuit throughout Japan, garnering multiple awards, including “Best Director” for Harrison Houde at the Tokyo Film Awards.

On April 20th, Cafe Racer will make its US premiere at the iconic Beverly Hills Film Festival at the Chinese Theatre in downtown Hollywood. Dakota has brought together an impressive cast of Japanese-Canadian actors, including our alumni Yuki Morita who stars in the film. In addition, NIC makeup alumni Sakura Oyama was brought on to head the makeup department.

This project also showcases a dozen other NIC alumni in various roles. This is an incredible example of the NIC Community working together.

To learn more about Dakota’s ongoing film projects, visit https://www.vesperiafilms.com/

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