“The Crucible”

We are excited to announce our next play with NIC acting students “The Crucible”! This powerful and timeless play by Arthur Miller is set in the backdrop of the Salem Witch Trials and explores the dangers of mob mentality and mass hysteria.

Come support your colleagues! We invite you to join us for an evening of captivating drama and skillful acting that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

“The Crucible”, a play by Arthur Miller. 

Directed by James Challis. Assistant Director: Kengo Hashimoto. 

Play takes place: April 19th (2:30 pm and 7 pm)  •  20th (7pm) • 21st (7pm) •  22nd (2:30 pm and 7 pm) at NIC campus, 987 Granville street! 

Link for seat reservation: https://bit.ly/NIC_Crucible

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