Philip Nominated Again

Recently awarded a Badass Award, our very own Philip Granger (Head of our Acting Department) continues to prove himself again and again as a superb actor and director with a career that not only shines from the diversity of roles and productions he has been involved in, but that is also an example that he constantly shares with kindness, dedication, focus and passion that can only be paralleled by a few.

Phil has taught – and guided our Acting Instructors as well – for years at New Image College, and we could hope for no greater example to the many students and teachers that come through our doors.

We are ecstatic about his most recent nomination to the 2019 Leo Awards for Best Supporting Performance in the Motion Picture Woodland.

If ever you found yourself wondering whether or not we have the talent here at New Image to help you each reach your professional and creative goals, look no further, because we have superheroes just like Phil right around the corner waiting for you on the amazing journey into Film Acting.

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