Isabelle Nominated Best Makeup at the Leo Awards

Isabelle Fallu, one of our make-up program alumni, has been nominated for Best Make-up on the Short Drama Exhibit Man. Isabelle came to us a young woman filled with artistic passion. Through sheer strength, will and dedication, she became a theatre actress and delved into set building/make-up.

Then it transformed into creative pursuits expressed through events such as Spooktacular. Like most, life didn’t offer Isabelle a straight and steady path to her dreams. She went through various challenges but constantly pursued her passion and always stood tall for her ambitions.

Therfore, it’s no surprise to us that we now see her budding into a nominee for Best Make-up on the short drama Exhibit Man. In her own words from when she first came to us: “My name is Isabelle… and if there is one thing that can easily be said about me it’s that I love art, I live for creation, and passion, beauty, destruction, love, and poetry, in every shape and form… most of all I want to show the world what I can do”.

We are so proud of you Isabelle. We wish you the best of luck on this nomination and are very excited about all the work you’ve done and will be doing as you move forward with your amazing career.

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