Natasha Rogers is working at Amazing Ape Productions

Natasha has so much talent, we aren’t surprised she landed herself an awesome job doing makeup fx so soon. She works for Werner Pretorius, an artist with over 23 years of experience as a sculptor and designer, and Richard Darwin who has been doing professional makeup for over 25 years specializing in animatronics.

Amazing Ape Productions does conceptual design, special character, creature effects, animatronics, prosthetic fx, body fx, 3D replicator presentations, special makeup fx, animal replicas, and puppeteering.

Some feature films they were involved in are, Star Trek Beyond, Robocop, X Men, Apocalypse, Mission Impossible, The Neverending Story, Marmaduke, The twilight saga, Hotel Rwanda, and 101 Dalmations to name a few.

Way to go Natasha!

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