New movie role

Blake Williams on set taking it all in with Ann Forry and Jason Cermak. New Image College Film Acting Conservatory success Blake Williams, books a great role on “Hush Little Victims” a new lifetime movie of the week! Blake being very shy when he started his training at NIC, slowly found his voice and became an extremely well-trained disciplined actor, who also became very comfortable and confident within himself.

This takes hard work and Blake was never shy of putting in the hard work. While at NIC he met casting director Ann Forry when she attended our New Image College audition module. This is where the second-year students are introduced to agents and casting directors.

Ann Forry was so impressed with Blake that she invited him to be her reader and casting assistant. Ann was also very excited to cast Blake in his first major role with Director Jason Bourque. Congratulations Blake. We are very proud of you.

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