Our students are directing movies

Mary Galloway has been an ongoing source of inspiration to students, alumni, staff, coworkers and so many more ever since she graduated from our Film Acting Conservatory, and as is apparently her ongoing tradition, she’s come out with even more to wow us with as she focuses her skills on her directorial debut on Spirit Glitch:

As stated in Vancouver Courier’s article “Vancouver filmmaker explores inner lives of Indigenous women”, Galloway explores the delicate yet necessary subject of Canadian Genocide, a phrase coined in a government report describing the violence, trauma and systemic neglect faced by Indigenous women and girls over the decades.

The report made more than 200 recommendations, and noted that while the number of Indigenous women and girls who’ve gone missing is estimated to exceed 4,000, there’s no way to actually know the true number, and it’s probably far higher.

Spirit Glitch expresses the impact of colonial genocide on Indigenous women and girls by taking us into the interior life of a woman (The Flash’s Jessica Parker Kennedy) who is struggling to hold her spirit together in the midst of relationship and colonial violence, homophobia, intolerance and psychic and psychological stress.

Spirit Glitch is one of 30 films that received funding earlier this year from Storyhive as part of its first-ever Indigenous Storyteller Edition. Each awarded project received $20,000 in production funding, as well as support, mentorship and training. Galloway took this amazing opportunity to bring a truly crucial story to life for the masses to experience and gain an important glimpse of the lives of indigenous women in society.

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