From Mexico To Netflix

Juanita Lerma Juarez is from Mexico and dreamed of becoming an actress. Her first step was to decide to train, and train hard she did for two years at NICS Film Acting Conservatory. While at school Juanita excelled, she gave it her all and was brilliant in her three plays, and in NIC film projects. All her hard has work paid off. During the audition portion of her training, she met some of the best talent agents in the business, including Carmela Evangelista who was very impressed with Juanita’s work. Carmela signed Juanita and sent her out on auditions. We are happy to announce that Juanita has booked a role in the much anticipated new Netflix Series “Altered Carbon”. We can not share any more details as it is top secret until the release of the show. Congratulations Juanita!!

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