Dakota Daulby produces own film: Decay

NIC Graduate Dakota Daulby and his filmmaking partner, Harrison Houde recently produced a Sci-Fi film ”Decay” through their production company, Vesperia Films, in Los Angeles. Teaming up another NIC Grad, Jan Sikora, and the San Francisco-based cinematographer Andy Chen through his production house, Cinepacks Studios, they crafted this incredibly visual and grounded alien story. Here on Earth to learn and report back, two alien siblings must avoid capture and make it home before their host bodies decay within 7-days. With help from Sci-Fi Studios to build the incredible looking spaceship, the pair shot the production in East-LA between meetings for a coming-of-age comedy film they are also producing. The visually stunning Decay trailer will be out soon! At NIC, we train as a community of actors working together on self made projects and promoting acting for yourself. This is a taught skill. Congratulations to Dakota and the whole team! Our graduates work.

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