Erika Hau Triple Books!

NIC Film Conservatory Graduate Erika Hau books again, again and again. Through the pandemic, Erika’s path to success was a roller coaster ride, but Erika understood the value of education and registered for additional training with NIC. During her showcase presentation, Erika was discovered by a new agent and signed with one of the best acting agencies in the country. Erika is a perfect example of an actor pursuing her dream and NEVER giving up. And at NIC, we’re all about continued support for our students during their training, and post-graduation as well. This support makes a huge difference in an actor’s future. Recently, Erika booked three acting parts in a row. The internationally famous TV show ”The Good Doctor” and two brand new television series ”Yellow Jackets” and ”Brief”. We are so proud of Erika. Our graduates work.

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