Head of Acting Phil Granger on MAID on Netflix

New Image College acting instructors are not only excellent instructors-they also do what they teach. Our own film acting conservatory acting department head: Philip Granger (@grangerphilip on instagram) plays “Howie Poascencia“-the good-hearted and overworked lawyer in the critically raved about series: MAID. MAID is currently trending number two on Netflix! The beautiful thing about our instructors currently working in the industry, is that they bring that up-to-date experience to their students. Our students are taught by experts in this field who bring a vast wealth of knowledge of film acting to our conservatory program. Our students are only one step removed from that success. Philip Granger is also co-starring in a new Netflix series that will be released Summer of 2022, and also stars in soon to be theatrically released sci-fi film, \”Cosmic Dawn\” which has an internationally famous cast. At New Image, our instructors work too!

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