Celebrating NIC graduate, Valentina Andrade

Today we are celebrating NIC Film Acting Conservatory graduate, Valentina Andrade!

Valentina’s journey to success began when she arrived at New Image College from Mexico with a clear goal in mind. She knew she wanted to expand her horizons and acting possibilities and she wasted no time in getting started. With her dedication and passion for acting, she quickly became one of the most promising students in the program.

Valentina was always eager to learn and improve, which led her to volunteer for all the films and additional projects available. She worked tirelessly to become the very best actress possible, and her hard work paid off.

After graduation, she continued to audition for various roles and eventually landed a part in the upcoming film, Devious Deeds.

In Valentina’s own words, “There are no words to describe how grateful I am and feel for this incredible opportunity, that made me grow not only as an actor but as a person.” She credits New Image College, the movie’s director, Chris W. Bragg and co-director, Jwan Lim as well as the writer, Mariann Jely for believing in her and giving her the chance to showcase her talent.

Valentina also expresses her gratitude towards the producers, cast, and crew of Devious Deeds. She says that the people she worked with made every single day of shooting feel like a party, full of enthusiasm, talent, and love for what they do. She made friends who made her feel at home and created memories that will last forever in her heart.

Valentina’s success is the result of her hard work, dedication and a bit of restlessness that drove her to give her all to the project. Her story is an inspiration to aspiring actors everywhere who want to make their dreams a reality. With talent, passion, and hard work, anything is possible.

Congratulations Valentina!

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