NIC Actors featured in LEO Awards Nominations!​

In an astounding display of talent and dedication, New Image College’s Film Acting Conservatory Program has announced that Acting Department Head Philip Granger, and graduates Dakota Daulby and Alyssa Wapanatâhk have all been nominated for the prestigious Leo Awards in 2023. The Leo Awards, which honour the best in British Columbia’s film and television industry, have long been considered a pinnacle of achievement within the Canadian film circuit.

Philip Granger, a veteran actor and esteemed head of the Acting Department at New Image College, has been nominated for BEST PERFORMANCE MALE SHORT DRAMA. With a career spanning over four decades, Granger’s nomination comes as no surprise to his colleagues and students. His recent performance in Netflix’s limited series “MAID” has earned him much-deserved recognition and applause.

Graduate Dakota Daulby has been nominated for BEST SUPPORTING PERFORMANCE MALE MOTION PICTURE for “LAST VICTIM” starring Ron Perlman and Ali Larter. Daulby’s nomination serves as a confirmation of his growing reputation as one of Canada’s rising stars. He also received three LEO nominations for the film that he produced called “Cafe Racer”

Meanwhile, Alyssa Wapanatâhk, another distinguished New Image graduate, has been nominated for BEST SUPPORTING PERFORMANCE FEMALE MOTION PICTURE for her riveting performance in the film “Bones Of Crows”. Alyssa, who is of Indigenous descent, has been highly praised for her portrayal. Alyssa also stars as Tiger Lily in the New Disney film “Peter Pan and Wendy.”

The New Image College community has been buzzing with excitement since the announcement of the nominations. These recognitions underscore the college’s commitment to nurturing authentic, compelling, and diverse talent.

The Acting Department, in particular, has been brimming with pride. The nominations reflect not only the individual talents of Granger, Daulby, and Wapanatâhk but also the exceptional standard of education and mentorship provided by the college.

The New Image College’s Film Acting Conservatory Program is already renowned for its intensive, hands-on approach to teaching and its nurturing of students’ artistic voices. The 2023 Leo nominations further cement its reputation as a powerhouse in the world of film and acting education.

The Leo Awards ceremony will take place later this year. All eyes will be on Granger, Daulby, and Wapanatâhk as they represent New Image College and strive to bring home prestigious awards. Regardless of the outcome, this moment serves as an affirmation of their talents and a testament to the exceptional training provided by New Image College’s Film Acting Conservatory Program. OUR GRADUATES WORK!

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