Student Guide and Resources

NIC prepared extensive information to assist you navigate your academic life, prepare for living in Vancouver and have a better understanding of Canadian culture. Access these resources through the topics below:

Academic Life

New Image E-mail and Drive

ew Image will issue all students a New Image email account. New Image College will correspond only via your New Image email once you become a student and after graduation. It is important that you check your New Image email regularly and respond to any School’s communication immediately.

  • Use to log in.

Your login information was sent to you upon registration. If you don’t know your New Image Email address or needs assistance resetting your password, please email

Add your New Image account to your login options for Google, and afterwards, make sure you are logged into the right account when using any Google page by checking the user icon in the upper right corner of your browser window.

The same goes for your online cloud service, which you can login to from, or directly by visiting

You can also use your account through Google’s Mobile Apps (Gmail, Drive, etc) and on your personal devices and computers by adding it as if it were a normal Google account.

How to access your New Image Email through a computer

  • On your favorite browser, type
  • Sign in with your New Image College email (as highlighted above)
  • Type the temporary password
  • Click >> Accept
  • Create your new personal password and click >> Change password
  • Protect your account by adding a recovery phone number and a recovery email. You may choose to do this later.
  • Done!

How to add your New Image Email account to your iPhone

  • Click on Settings
  • Choose the option >> Password & Accounts
  • Click on >> Add Account
  • Click on >> Google
  • Sign in with your New Image College email
    (as highlighted above)
  • Type the temporary or personal password
  • Done! Go to your main menu and click on 
    You will see your account there. Click on it to access your emails.


To understand better your academic schedule, please expect to receive a calendar with details on your first day of class. You should always make yourself aware of dates and deadlines including holidays.

Job Board

New Image has the resources for you to keep in the loop and to upgrade skills on a consistent basis without cost to you. We update job postings daily. Visit NIC List to view job listings.

Feel free to navigate the various categories and browse different job opportunities depending on what you are interested in. 

Please note that although the school makes every effort to guide students towards suitable experience, opportunities, and employment, it does not guarantee employment and/or involvement in the process.

New Image will only reference those students that have followed the policies and procedures set out by New Image and have shown consistency in attendance, punctuality, effort, and marks. New Image may also recommend students for positions open in the field, not via the job board.


You will be contacted by the Student Services to arrange your personal Orientation appointment which will happen up to 1 (one) week prior to start class.  All new students should attend Orientation. It is the best way to start your studies.

Orientation is held at the Granville Campus:
987 Granville Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1L3,

If you have NOT completed the following list of items, and if any of the following requirements applies to you, please bring them with you to the personal orientation or email promptly when you receive the items to as soon as possible to avoid any delays in your program start date:

  • Original Study and/or Work Permits (International students only)
  • Government Study Approval Letter (If you have not been issued your international permits yet)
  • Copy of your Passport
  • High School Diploma and/or High School Transcript (If you are under the age of 19)
  • Parental signed documents (If you are under the age of 19)
  • Notice of Assessment (If you are a Student Loan Applicant)
  • Outstanding tuition fees. If you have a payment due, it must be paid prior to starting class
  • Postdated Method of Payment. If you are on a Payment Plan, we require a postdated method of payment such as a Void Cheque or Credit Card number
  • Student Loan Borrowers
    This applies to Canadian Residents only:
    For students who are paying a previous loan and are back in school and DO NOT have a loan for current studies, please notify the Student Services Representative during Orientation that you have a past Student Loan that you are currently paying for. You will need to complete a Schedule 2 to defer this payment. More information is available on the Canadian government site at:

Diplomas and Transcripts

Each student must complete all criteria described in their respective program outline to receive a credential and transcript. The School does not provide a partial transcript. Payment of the total program tuition and any pending fee is mandatory before receiving your credential/transcript. Canadian and International Students will have their diplomas and transcripts ready to be picked up the Campus 2 weeks after the last day of school. For Co-op Students, diplomas and transcripts are only issued once the Co-op period has been completed successfully.

Student Support

As mentioned throughout this document, your point of contact for any doubts, questions, or needs you may have regarding your time at New Image College may be directed to We are always available to grant you a wide range of assistance through this email and believe you should feel comfortable reaching out to us both in person and by email as you may require.

Social Media

Calling all artists that are proud of their work and want to share their art with the world! New Image has always been proud of its students.

We believe in nurturing and guiding you to that point where you can begin to shine and being there once you’ve started on that long journey into the limelight.

To that end, while in your program of study – any program whatsoever – and even after graduation (alumni), any time you create an amazing piece of art that you want the world to see, or you have amazing photos from an incredible photoshoot or great photographed moments on set or even behind the scenes, be sure to send us a high-quality copy that you’re sure you are allowed to share publicly.

Whether it’s a great Nail Art Design, a Bridal / High Fashion look, Creative Prosthetic Art / Special Effects Design, that perfect shot on set or stage, or just a great happy moment succeeding and working with the amazing people at your job/gig, we want to know, and we want the world to see.

Send us a few high quality, high resolution (at least 1920 x 1080 pixels – most smartphones shoot photos above this size) images to that you are able and willing to share, along with at least a short description for what’s happening in the photos, the program or programs you graduated from, who is involved (include full names), and any restrictions on when we would be able to start sharing your story publicly.

We will share your art or your moment with the world and give you credit for your work, creating posts for Facebook, Instagram and our website to give you as much exposure as possible. If instead you are sharing – or have already shared – your own posts, let us know by email and/or by tagging us:

Instagram @newimagecollege

Facebook /newimagecollege

Tags: #NewImageCollege #NIC #BestInTheIndustry We’ll always be happy to share your bright
and shining moments!

Alumni Support

As per the previous section – and this entire student manual – you now know it’s important to us to be an ongoing part of your lives and a genuine helping hand through your evolving career. Don’t forget to visit our website every now and then so you can keep track of your fellow students and instructors, along with news from us regarding ever-improving benefits that we’d like to keep offering you from here on out!